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Agovirax Nasal Spray

Strengthen  virus protection with the inner mask

The active substance in Agovirax®, Caragelose® (iota-carrageenan), forms an inner mask-like protective film on the surface of the nasopharyngeal mucosa and non-specifically envelops cold-causing viruses, preventing them from attaching to the mucosa. This reduces the multiplication and spread of respiratory viruses.

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Proven effects against more than 200 viruses

Common cold and flu-like illnesses are caused by a large variety of viruses, such as rhinoviruses, coronaviruses, and others. If viruses have penetrated into the nose, they can attach themselves to the mucous membrane and infect mucosal cells where they multiply and spread. Agovirax® Nasal Spray creates a protective layer on the nasal and oral mucosa thus preventing binding and entry of the respiratory viruses into the cells. Thereby viruses cannot attach to the mucosal cells and infection is stopped.

Viral respiratory infections and related diseases

Viral respiratory infections are a group of illnesses caused by viruses, affecting the upper, the lower, or both parts of the respiratory tract.

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Most common viral infections their symptoms and treatment

Viruses are the cause of many common infections in humans and are also responsible for a number of rare diseases. Examples of viral illnesses range from the common cold (usually caused by one of the rhinoviruses) to AIDS (caused by HIV).